MAZDA Parts 101: Air Filter

August 20th, 2021 by

Mazda parts

At some point during one of your service appointments, a service technician might have suggested that you replace your air filter. Although it may not seem important, these Mazda parts are crucial to the health of your vehicle.

Find out why, and why Young Mazda is the place to go to for Mazda vehicle service.

Why You Need to Replace Your Air Filter

There is a common misconception about what your air filter actually does. Its job is to filter air into your vehicle’s engine. If you limit the amount of air that your engine is receiving, it is going to have some adverse effects. For example, your vehicle may become less fuel efficient as your engine is now working harder to do its job.

If your air filter is dirty or damaged can also start to pollute different parts of your engine. This can also work the negatively affect your exhaust thus creating more emissions and pollution. That means that potentially when you bring your vehicle in for an emissions test, it could fail because of your air filter.

Finally, a faulty air filter can kill your engine over time. Replacing an air filter typically costs less than $100. Replacing your engine costs a few thousand dollars.

Why Replace Your Air Filter With Young MAZDA

The Young Mazda service center is here to help you with all of your Mazda service needs. We are also here to educate you on when you need to replace your air filter. Technically, you should consider doing it around every 15,000 miles, but there is a simpler solution.

When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, you can ask your service technician to check the status of your air filter. They will tell you if it is damaged and needs replacing. Stop by today to have your vehicle serviced!

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